Best rock group ever?

On one memorable day in Fort Wolters, Texas, I was the third leg in a three way argument including my squad Sergeant and his close friend. The argument centered around the best rock group ever. Each man had a different choice. The close friend selected the Beatles and made it clear any other choice would show only overwhelming stupidity. My Sergeant’s choices were more grounded in the pre-British invasion. I listed several quality candidates for the position of best ever but refused to settle on any one because I felt were vulnerable.

Our head butting happened for about an hour in summer 1968. Groups like Queen, CSNY and Creedence Clearwater Revival were only then just joining the top levels of performers. You can imagine this argument never got resolved or completed. The only thing to end it was our hunger for red hots with cold beer.

It’s now fifty years later, and I finally offer my selection. It is a session band known as the Wreaking Crew. They played on almost every American based hit from the late 50s to the early 70s. They were The Monkees, The Beach Boys, Nancy Sinatra with father, Frank and hundreds of other easily recognized songs. They were not a garage band either; they consisted of dozens of the best musicians around, i.e., guitarist Glen Campbell. They were a large number of musicians who recorded in major studios twelve hours a day. The entry for this group was remarkable musical talent coupled with the ability to get it right fast.

Record labels and music producers wanted them because they were a tight knit band who could take raw songs and fine tune them in amazingly quick time. Top performers would alter their work schedules to match the Wrecking Crews’ availabilities. They were the unseen element that kept the hits coming. They’re the sound track of the boomers’ lives.

I had not acquired this information until I watched a video on the Wreaking Crew. This one:

The downside to educating yourselves about the Wreaking Crews is it will erode your admiration for many of your favorite groups.

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