Being Dad & Papa John

I am Dad to my daughter, Beth, son, Adam and daughter-in-law, Yuri.  There are loads of other people who call me “Papa John”.  They are led by my grandsons, JJ, Will and Julie Sterling, their Momma.

I’m using the nickname Papa John to honor my Dad, John the first.  My wife, Lyn tagged him with this name, and it stuck.  You felt the love when someone said it.

Now when I visit the grandkids, I am in contact with their pint-sized friends and their parents. I ask all to call me “Papa John”.  It’s a nice tribute, and I’ve gained something extra in the exchange.

Interacting with these younger people makes me feel younger.  It’s something I feel better than I can explain since my body doesn’t speak English.  Barriers that exist between the generations do not block our meaningful thought, talk and action.  I am grateful for my younger peers for this tonic.

There is also another group of young people who uplift me in the same way.  They come from unrelated sources, but with them, I can feel the decades of differences between us to not matter.

  • Jen, Jake & Emily Kuhns; Mark Petrillo, Cassie & Amanda Bryan who together with the Morrises became one large, multiple family tribe.
  • Former customer, Tammie Neuin who has been a bright and cheery friend.
  • My comedy improv leader, Leah Lawler who has me working beyond my comfort zones and loving the results.

The big problem with lists is somehow you’ll omit obvious people.  I willing to deal with the fallout.

For now, I’ll offer a Father’s Day thank you to these, and other, young people in my life who have made the weight of my years seem so much lighter.

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2 Responses to “Being Dad & Papa John”

  1. Tammy Neiuin Says:

    Papa JOHN

    Love that name. I think it is very fitting. Your blog was very touching and thank you for including me in it. Truly means the world to know that I have touched your heart/ world in such a way.

    Keep on going papa. Your suck an amazing man and I always look forward to hearing from you. I would love to meet your for lunch so time. I know your are a very busy man. However I’m on the road mon, wed, fri so if you give me a weeks notice I could definitely make my route in your area.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Your friend always.


  2. John Morris Says:


    Good to hear from you, too.

    The blog came to me when I realized all the “young” people in my life who contribute to it. When I did my sketchy notes, I wrote the names. I then realized how much your friendship meant to me. You are a remarkable young woman and Mommy.

    I’d love to get caught up. I’m retired now so time off is usually not a problem. If you can find yourself in the Chester County area, you can pick a location that works for you. I’ll can’t get the reclusive Missus Morris to join us however. I know she’ll love to hear about a college assistant you had about 15 years ago. I’ll get you caught up on her too.

    My schedule is mostly landmines of Doctor appointments. My next open dates are August 16th and 18th.

    It’ll be good to see you again.

    Your friend always,

    Papa John Morris

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