Life’s two and opposite firsts

My late friend, Bob Bryan thought profound thoughts during combat with cancer.  One day, we were discussing the loss of another acquaintance.  The obit said he did not die alone but was surrounded by his loved ones.  Bob explained our friend was the only one who died in this story.  He added, “Everyone dies alone.”

I think of his words at times.  I agree with him more than I don’t.  The act of dying is focused and quite personal.  Even those who die in a common event go about the act of dying separately.

This story led me to think of the opposite life event.  None of us are born alone.  At the least, our Mothers were always there.  Having no idea what was happening to us, we see scary lights; hear loud noises and may, for the first time, become frightened.  We react.  We cry and reach out for comfort.  It’s here were we first find the love Mothers provide.

Sunday, May 14th is the celebration of Mothers in the United States.  Please remember my words when you reflectively tell your Mom you love her.

You may feel these words a bit deeper.

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