Give the man a chance has two edges

In Italy, eight years ago, my cousin Vittorio Pompilli spoke to me about then President-elect Barack Obama.  His voice had a serious cast to it as he asked me to “give the man a chance.”  I answered that I would, of course, do so.

When I returned to America, I’d rehear his words every time some conflicted Conservative ranted about the horrors to come with a Black man as our leader.  My response was, “Give the man a chance.”  The kinder folks would just question my judgment while others shunned me.  Their loss.

Now it is eight years later, and we have another polarizing President-elect coming in.  The sage advice I got from Vittorio is as spot-on today as it was then.

Problem is that it is always about “whose ox is being gored.”  In 2008, Liberals hoisted their champion on their shoulder to carry him to his destiny.  They strutted and swaggered which was their right since their candidate won.  Those who snip at their heels were branded sore losers, racists or unAmerican.  I still remember Nancy Pelosi claiming the superior position because, “we won.”  She was right.

Now we have the specter of Donald Trump posed to defile the Oval Office, if you listen to the Liberal cable news shows.

I get it if it’s time for some payback.  Or maybe it’s time for a reset.

Author Viktor Frankl* survived the Holocaust and did ground breaking social work on his and others experiences.  He locked-in his results with this sound bite, “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”   This means no matter what has happens, free people control their future.

I offer this example.

In 2000, then President-elect GW Bush’s transition team met with all kinds of damaging pranks from Clintons’ squad making the transfer of power clumsy.  Fast forward sixteen years and the retiring President Barack Obama reports about how warm and helpful Bush and his team were for him.  The Bushs went as far as to give the Obamas advice on raising children in the White House.

So take that all you Dubya haters.  The man took Clinton’s abuse but played the class card when it was his turn.

Yes, we should give Trump a chance.  When he does something you don’t like – and he will – then come out swinging.

If you really gave him a chance, I’ll listen to you.


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