Welcome to my family’s street

Bordering the Vatican is a street named Via del Mascherino.  This is noteworthy because my mother’s family’s name is Mascherino.  It is named for an architect named Ottaviano Nonni, not my family. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ottaviano_Nonni

However not to miss out on a good time, my family, led by cousin, Anthony Mascherino, have always stopped at a local bar to drink the wine and the ambiance while sitting under a street sign.

Michael Petrillo and I made the long walk from our hotel to this destination.  Michael grabbed some poor waiter for me to talk to.  I told him about my family’s name, and I wondered if he remembers Anthony Mascherino.  The man raised his hands to his lips and made the universal sign for a handle bar mustache.  Oh yeah, he remembers him.  See photo below:

Next Michael muscled the bar’s owner over to our table.  I asked the same question, and he gave the same response.  This man, also named Antonio, was gracious and sat with me for a few photos.

Next time you’re near the Vatican, stop at Via del Mascherino no. 36 for a while.  Then post a photo on Facebook.



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