Overnight in a coffee shop

At the age of 30, coffee was struck from my diet due to a troubling reaction to it.  Up to then, I really liked the stuff.  But it had to go.

I switched to decaffeinated coffee for a while, but it’s just bad.  A new dedication to tea brought a suitable choice.  Today I drink a great amount of hot teas.  Green tea accounts for about 90%.  I especially like using loose tea leaves in tea containers.  There is a vast world of fragrant teas for all palates.  I don’t miss the coffee anymore.

There remains one, old coffee story for me to share.

My radio detachment finished our mission in the Mekong Delta and were convoying to our home base of Cu Chi.  Bad timing caused us to be stuck in Saigon at sundown.  Our Lieutenant made arrangements for overnight lodgings.  The place he found was a large single room with ten bunks located above a coffee shop.  The setting was spartan, but we had just finished three months living in sandbagged hutches.  It wasn’t so bad.  Our first thoughts were to go on the town for cultural reasons.  Lt. Tallant nixed our ideas and said leaving the store would carry punishment.

In the morning, our senses were shocked awake by the strongest coffee aroma  imaginable.  We looked at each other; threw on clothes and dashed downstairs for the only thing our tastes craved: coffee, coffee, coffee.  The first round of cups could not arrive fast enough.  It took me two pulls on dark, bitter goodness to hit the sweet spot.  It was like nothing I had experienced.

Today my little borough has several coffee spots with more coming. Citizens can sip hot, tasty beverages and allow a lazy day to drift by. Someday we may even have a good tea house.

Coffee drinkers shouldn’t have all the fun.


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