Marijuana can be a buzz kill.

If your bliss is to be either a comic or a writer, steer clear of marijuana. I know there are many who will disagree with me on this, and their views on the matter can be added to this blog in the form of “comments”.

Here are my top three arguments to support this bold statement.

Argument #1: Buddy Hackett said smoking weed stalled his work ethic.. He said he smoked it every day for one year straight. After the year was over, he realized he had not written as much as one new joke, and his career had been in neutral all the time.

Argument #2:  When you’re stoned, you’ll think anything you do write is either funny or profound. If you present this new material and you’re still buzzed, nothing changes except the audience who may not follow you on your trips.

Argument #3:  Once you’ve forsaken the bong and Zig Zag papers, you buckled down; worked diligently and are ready to spread the good times. Be sure to stay away from audiences who will laugh or applaud anything because they’re buzzed. Even your bad stuff will get giggles and snorts. How can you be sure your latest efforts have any real value?



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