A Christmas to remember

It’s good to have holidays every year so we can regroup as families and share good times. At Christmas my wife, Lyn and I host our children living in far outposts like Brooklyn or China. This year we were greatly blessed by having both of our children home for the holidays along with our two grandsons.

That’s six adults, one toddler, one newborn and an aging yellow labrador. Despite Lyn and my best efforts, things go wrong. It’s normal. When we most want things to run well, they don’t.

On Christmas eve, the furnace’s new pressure relief valve blew.

My family hunkered down to wait it out. This meant spending Christmas day in 64 degree semi-warmth. We pressed a space heater into service to make bearable the occupied rooms.

As I write this, I am waiting for the plumber, and I am late for my shift at Maxwell’s Hardware. Son, Adam and D-In-Law, Yuri are planning a road trip. Lyn will not venture anywhere. Our family named Sterling are in the tribal headquarters in Rochester, NY.

2013 has been a memorable Christmas at the Morrises. With the repair of the furnace, we will return to more comfortable circumstances.

We are pleased our toddler grandson, Jackson is visiting his Rochester grandparents with his new drum, guitar, kazoo and xylophone.

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