Penny #2 of 2: Affordable Care Act

Please read the previous post first. It is the first part of my two part postings.

Our politicians tell us there are 45 million Americans with no health insurance. Rather than dispute this number, I’ll make it mine for this post.

45 million Americans equals 15% of all of us. This lulls us into thinking we’re doing a pretty good job with 85% coverage. The real pain can be found within the lower percentage.

Using the 15% number, I’ll ask how many just can’t afford health insurance? I’ll just guess the number is 66% or 10% of all Americans. Can lowering insurance rates bring in even half of these folks? I’ll guess again and say no. There are far too many of these American families who scrape with no cash cushion for an extra monthly increase even at reduced rates.

Who is included in the remaining 5%?

  1. People who can afford existing healthcare but pass any way: (the wealthy, the hermits, the Amish, the anarchists, the others). Okay, they’ve made their choices. Let’s leave them alone.
  2. Young, healthy adults who don’t think they need it. They’ll get healthcare if they get sick. They’re already upset over the burdensome social security debt they’ll pay but may never enjoy. Can we now ask them to pony up more of their future earnings for something they don’t think they need?

My final point is our government’s goal is to revamp the healthcare industry by making the extra large portion of citizens sign up for healthcare on a website they own. All this turmoil created just to offer insurance to people who aren’t buying it now and probably not bite at the new offers.

I’ll make one more parting prediction: the best way to get healthcare into the hands of the 15% currently without it is to provide it free of all costs.

Now that’s some good socialism.



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