Penny #1 of 2: Affordable Care Act

After over three years, Americans still haven’t embraced the Affordable Care Act, and now we are dealing with a botched internet launch. Imagine that. Our first internet savvy President and his band of FBriends dropped their golden egg. If they can’t get that right, how much faith should I have in the total package?

Having said this, I’m moving on.

President Obama did the first right thing by waiving the penalties until the website can gallop and not crawl. He’s asked for those who lost their policies to be made whole by the insurance companies. On this, I have my doubts. Insurance companies like only things that lines their already full pockets.

Looking at it from a distance, I offer these thoughts. The ACA was voted into law by Congress. It passed the smell test applied by the Supreme Court. It’s time to allow this freshly foaled colt to stretch it legs so we can see what it can do.

One bad alternative is the ACA collapses under a badly structured design and is set aside. What will happen next is a Congressional stampede to pass the law they wanted all along: single payer health care often called socialized medicine: think Canada and Europe. The government covers the needs of  poor folks; provide haphazard care & frustrating delays for the massive middle and drive rich people to use private Doctors. Yes, I believe this is the ultimate goal. Oh how I hope I’m wrong.

The slightly better alternative is the ACA actually does what its framers want it to do: provide better healthcare at more affordable prices. As an elder who is mostly “skin covered medicine*”, I would welcome these new changes in the quality of my life.

Stop sabotaging the ACA as so many Tea Partiers favor. This approach gave us the recent government shutdown for which we got more pain and nothing in return. This doesn’t work; it delays meaningful law making, and it fractures the nation into trenches of our own digging.


* adapted from Bill Hick ’s line: “I’m just skin covered coffee.”

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