Accepting a kindness can also be kind.

I can trace any of my altruism back to a minor encounter about 12 years ago. I was lunching with a customer at a restaurant he chose. My customer was new to the dealer network, and our relationship had no real history. The fare was pricier than my company allowed. My usual way to handle this was to expense the meal at a lower cost.

When the check arrived, he surprised me by taking it first. I protested my company should cover the meal. He then said something like,”There are times when accepting a kindness is the right thing to do.”  His following words explained how doing a kindness is its own reward, and why would I want to take that away from him.

I have often remembered this moment since it did change how I think. Since then, I am more comfortable accepting someone else’s kind gesture without feeling the need to protest or balance the scale back in my favor.

How much better would our world be if people went around spreading good will? We may never know, but it’s probably an idea with some real merit.

Thanks to Rocky & Jen Kuhns for nudging me back to blogging. They did it at a crab fest so my defenses were compromised. 




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