“Jackson Sterling is crawling”

This is not “stop the presses” news considering my grandson is nine months old. – where does it go?  It is newsworthy to the people who love him.

My daughter, Beth sent videos of the little guy’s new stage, and as I view them, they bring broad smiles to me and my heart.

It started me thinking about his next landmarks and how they’ll impact his parents.

This list is intended to be incomplete.


1st landmark: learning to crawl.

Up to this point, babies, like Jackson, have been where you left them. But it presents a fresh fear for new parents: keeping your baby from crawling into danger. This new challenge grows greater as the crawling talents blossom. As landmarks goes, it’s an easy learning test for parents.


2nd landmark: learning to walk

However crawling changed parents’ lives, walking will now pump up the intensity even more. Life is no longer about keeping them corralled; it’s controlling their wanderings. The fear of falling is ever-present and parents start thinking of safety measures like wrapping their tykes in bubble wrap. The upside of this development is your bundles of joy no longer needs to be carried everywhere.


3rd landmark: learning to talk

This landmark is one where parents experience a real loss of control. Oh sure, we’re the ones who teach them words and how to use them but our progeny can take this new skill and make us laugh or cringe. Parents learn their child is simply filled with questions needing answers. There will be times when the parents long for the old days when the baby could only cry or laugh.


4th landmark: learning to learn.

It’s been a long time since the talking landmark, and it’s time for the first true separation test for most children and parents. By this, I mean school. The parents, who watched over every developmental stage of their child, now share the learning stages with professionals*. As children learn to read, their minds form thoughts. They ask more questions and challenge their parents to hit the mark each time. This also marks the first time someone else is grading your bundle of joy.


5th landmark: learning to drive

Here’s when parents take a major leap of faith. They now hope their hard work and astute parenting have yielded a responsible young adult. This landmark give their one-time baby new abilities to travel alone and discover things on their own. Parents’ worries are well founded at this point. It’s a usually a shaky hand that hands the car keys to a sixteen year old. The hand belongs to someone who not just worries about their child but every other motorist out there.


* if you’re home schooling, this landmark may be pushed into the college years.





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