What do you pick up?


Three days a week I walk to work. This way I’ll get some exercise which a man my age needs. There’s a hidden plus to walking when you do a lot of it.

As I walk, I find useful stuff on the road. These roadside treasures causes me wonder about the circumstances that separated them from their old owners. Sure there’s a lot of debris there like one half of a pair of gloves or broken bungee cords.Items like this I just leave there sentenced to being swept up by one of those bristle bearing, borough trucks.

Last week I wondered about the things I’ll alway pick up. One for me are pens. Why? I don’t really know; maybe it’s an holdover from school days when I always needed one but may not have had one. I pick them up and store them away for another day.

It made me wonder what other odd things others pick up on their journeys though life.

I think we’ll all agree everyone will pick up money or jewelry. Most men will pick up tools. I having trouble imagine what the average woman will stoop to pick up if found on the road.

This is where you, the reader comes in. What will you almost always pick up if you find it? I sure this information will not change the world’s axis.

Other exercises would be what unusual things have you found while walking? Or do you have an interesting story about finding something?

Again, not earth shattering stuff here.

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