Have you eaten?

“Have you eaten?” is how the Chinese people  say hello much like our “How are you?”. Such is the importance of food in their culture. They blend eating with socializing.

In many countries, meals are the social events of the day. Europeans assemble together  at midday to eat their main meal and then take hours to enjoy them. At night, they meet with friends and go pubbing. In short, their lives are unending “greet & eat” events.

No so much in America. In your short term memory, how have you dined recently? In front of the TV?  Alone? Detached if not alone?

How about large family gatherings? Certainly there are meals involved, but when do we do them? Weddings and funerals mostly.

When my Italian family had too many funerals where we regret not getting together, we took action. We now meet every two months to break bread at a restaurant. All are welcomed. We call this outing “Cugini Night Out”. There is no agenda. We keep it simple so no one is weighed down with the work. And it has worked to date. Is it perfect? No! Is it worth it? Yes!

Using the same principle, my Veteran chapter called Los Gourmanderos stages near-guerrilla dining parties. We select a promising location and put out the word. Again anyone can attend and contribute. These are also really good times.

Usually what is needed to make these events realities is just one person. That “volunteer” sends out the emails; collects the names and books the event. Not much work, but someone must do it.

There are mostly positive results to be had from a small amount of effort.

It’s an effort worth doing.




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