Facebook & Twitter are today’s time wasting drugs.

I am an old guy who likes to keep pace with others using a computer. My first computer (KayPro 16e) was purchased in 1985. At the time, it was cutting edge, and I was in the vanguard. I computerized my sign business’ office but at a cost. I had to learn how to use this new and slightly scary machine. The argument goes like this: is the time saved more or less than the time spent?

By learning how to use a computer, I segued into a sweet gig writing a monthly column for a national magazine. Seems there was this throbbing need to computerize sign companies’ office functions, and the average sign painter was still struggling with the push button phone. Following this, I believed I could be a consultant and make serious money. That didn’t happen.

Since those days, I’ve traveled to the beat of the internet. My son, Adam made this blog a birthday gift, and I found my way back to writing.

But then, I joined Twitter and FaceBook, and they lulled me into a non-productive, time wasting zombie march.

By checking my most recent blogs, I see I’ve gone from one per month to about 3/year. Why? Because I’m frittering away my writing skills on 140 keystrokes (Twitter), and my thoughts on a media (FaceBook) that exploits my postings to make it as easy for advertisers to find me as my friends.

Here’s where I compare the social mediums with drugs, and I’ll use no less a luminary than Borsht Belt comic, Buddy Hackett.

He told TV’s Mike Douglas he smoked pot every day for ten years. At the end of this time, he realized he had not improved his comedy act by as much as one new joke. After he put away the cannabis, he recovered his ambition and drive. His talent and career exploded.

It is for the same reason I’m cutting way back on FaceBook/Twitter in order to do more productive writing. These blogs will be more regular, and I plan to edit the book I finished over two years ago.

Sorry it took me so long.





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