Italy trip 2.0

Brother, Bernie and sister, Jo Jo floated the idea by me. They wanted me to join them and my old traveling buddy, cousin Anthony Mascherino in Giulianova, Italy. With them would be an old friend, Michael DiLuigi and his wife, Barb.

Their plan was to stay at this Adriatic seaside resort for about four days. Of course, during that time we would visit our cousins in Teramo. A seperate day trip was planned to Compli which the Diliugis hail as their ancestral hometown. Michael wanted to find out if he had any long lost cousins there.

Their pitch hit all the buttons for me. One hitch was I would be staying separately at LaVela Albergo in Giulianova since the owner, and I had a good connection during my 2010 visit.

It is on!

I made all of the usual preparations to do such an adventure. It’s been two years since my last journey outside the US and got excited early.

I approached the trip with a minimalist attitude. I wanted to use only a carry-on bag and my trusty, leather backpack. I packed clothes with the intention of wearing/washing/wearing/discarding them. This would allow room for gifts. I learned on my last Italy visit, I need to stay more mobile than this old boy can be with larger luggage.

My overall plans were to do the Giulianova visit, and after splitting from my fellow travelers, to visit Sicily. I made only one other preparation. I broke down and book a room for my first night in Rome. This is a departure from my usual traveling style, but I wanted to assure a low cost room near Roma Termini. This decision would provide a classic traveling story which will come in a following post.

September 24th came and I was ready.

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