It was Maxwellian

A lot of folks bring their small problems to Maxwell’s Hardware. It’s a good thing they have small solutions. This is why I call our store “the court of last resort”. Our local box stores will tell you, if Maxwell’s doesn’t have it, no one does. Here’s a classic example.

It was 5:00 p.m. on a busy Wednesday. Two old guys came in carrying two propane connecting hoses. They had just been to the propane store next door with no luck. They offered this common greeting, “I know you won’t have what I need…” What they wanted was a coupling to connect the two hoses. This part would be located in the area of the store I call “Dante’s Inferno”. I sucked up my courage and lead them onward. Just then, Jim from the propane store came in to reinforce his belief we would have the part. Thanks for the pressure, Jimbo.

I studied the two ends of the hoses. One old guy said they were 3/4″ thread. I showed him that a 3/4″ double female brass coupling was too big. The next item I offered was the smaller, 1/2″ coupling. The nearest old guy gave it a try out. The unit fit smoothly on to both units, and they seemed pleased. They then told me they have been searching for this part since noon and had been everywhere. I asked where they were from.  They said, “Haverford”.

Imagine that! All across this vast area, and there was only one hardware with the inventory to solve their problem.

The old guys’ bill came to $2.43, and they left happy knowing their quest has ended.

This type of story is common at Maxwell’s Hardware. It usually happens after someone has gone to both Home Depot and Lowe’s only to be told, “If Maxwell’s doesn’t have it, no one does.”

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