Some TV commercials are interesting – at least to me. They’re the ones with a rapid, high volume pitch and where you always get a second item free.

From being fascinated with AS SEEN ON TV products, I went to watching the TV series Pitchmen with Anthony Sullivan and the bombastic Billy Mayes. Sully and Billy are asked by other inventors to pitch their brain children and oh yeah, make them really rich. The products on these shows are always creative and some show real promise. Others are comical and make their inventors look like reality ignoring dreamers. The show is a great comment on the American dream of hitting it big.

Yesterday while my wife, Lyn shopped in the local mall, I found my way to the AS SEEN ON TV store. I wanted a clip-on cell phone hook. I acted on impulse and bought a second item called the “Eggies”. I can now make six hard boiled eggs without shells. Woo hoo here’s my $10.59.

Today I decided to start my new life as a guy free from the tyranny of eggs shells. What extra work would it take?

  1. Cleaning the 24 plastic parts before cooking   Labor = 10 minutes        Note: this is a one time thing.
  2. Coating the egg compartment with oil               Labor =   3 minutes
  3. Release cooked eggs from plastic coffins          Labor =   2 minutes
  4. Clean the 24 plastic parts after cleaning.          Labor = 15 minutes
  5. Total Labor                                                                            = 30 minutes

All that work to save cracking and peeling six hard boiled eggs, and I gave up the price of a nice lunch.

When will I learn?

P.S.: the only labor saving I’ll get using the Eggies is to make Jello shooters with them.

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