My wife and her angel points.

My wife and I were married 41 years ago. For me, it has been easy sledding. I wonder at times how she sails through the problems we encountered. It is mostly me making the passage bumpy. It’s Lyn who does the proper adjustments at the right times.

Let me give you an example.

For our recent Poconos trip, I needed adequate medicines: pills, eye drops and insulin. I needed a day-of- departure trip to Rite Aid for eye drops critical to maintaining my eye care discipline. Simply put, I couldn’t go three days without reverting to a pre-procedure stage.

When I got to the rental in the Poconos, I couldn’t find these drops. I searched every inch of my bags twice. I realized I had put two of another drug thinking I had packed the one in question. Urgghh. What a letdown.

I went through the arduous and expensive drill of buying an emergency refill. Since I had just reupped my drops, I would be at the mercy of the price the Poconos pharmacy would dictate.

And how did Lyn earn her angel wings this day? She said it was “unlike me” not to have my drug supply in order. Really it is very much like me, but she knows how hard I try to control my nature to screw things up.

Lyn’s Mom would be proud of how good she is as a wife.

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