Watch how you say what you say.

Once someone quotes something you’ve said you will watch your words more carefully. Even when they get it right, you are struck by the importance others give your words.

The new book, They Conquer Who Endure by Jeanne Rapp is a collection of Veterans’ stories including some of mine. The author chose a quote from one of my stories for the back cover. It’s a simple thought and reads as such, “…But cynics don’t erect breathtaking flags or build memorials. Visionaries do.” To be honest, I thought she was quoting someone else’s until I read it again inside the book.

I so impressed myself I applied additional thought to the quote. It was during this discovery I hit on two themes that apply to opposing camps. For the most part, people who ask questions with the phrase, “Why don’t they…?” won’t raise their hands to the task. Others, who will get things done, make statements like, “I’m going to …”.

While the Downingtown Veterans Memorial Committee was in its early years, the members served with another worthy endeavour. They help to erect a monster sized Flags Across America flag in the public park. The larger committee met often and was led by Chester County’s Sheriff, Carolyn “Bunny” Welsh.

To keep with the theme of this blog, I’ll offer a sparkling quote made by her, “All the work that was ever done was done by the people who showed up.” Simple, direct and to the point. There may exists more qualified people, but if they don’t show up, their higher skills are not available.

We had to go with what we had.

We had enough.

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