Carded again?

Been “carded” lately?  We rejoice when we must show someone our child’s age the proof we are past the 21 year milestone for drinking. This doesn’t happen often but some places have a 100% carding policy. Good for them. They hold down the number of under-agers and give oldtimers a cheap thrill.

I learned there’s another form of carding waiting during our seventh decades. When we reach the tender age of 65, we are eligible for Medicare and its acillary bennies. One such gem is  riding SEPTA trains for $1 and their buses for free. It’s nice of Pennsylvania to chart around old folks like this. I’d like to believe this is an award for contributing to society for all these years. That would be nice, but the reason we get it at all is excess profits from the lottery games. No matter, it’s here and time to cash in, my fellow Baby Boomers.

Last week, I opted to ride the bus to my brother’s Coatesville home. I waited at the stop where a steel bench provides little comfort during the wait. These buses are usually ten minutes past the published times. My fellow travelers and I hunkered down against the winter weather until the bus arrived.

As is my habit, I entered the bus last and presented my ticket to ride – a valid Medicare card. The bus driver looked at me and asked how old I was. I said I had other proof showing I was 65. He shook his head and said, “Man, you sure don’t look it.”

This defines a really good moment for this ol’ boy.

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