Best. Christmas. Yet.

My remarkable Christmas 2010 is winding down. For proof, I’ll list the higher points in no real order except the most revealing one is the last one.

  • Leading off is the visit by my NYC based daughter, Beth and her partner, Julie. They saved my bacon by making an 11th hour suggestion for that over-the-top gift for my wife.
  • My sister, JoJo hosting a Christmas family meal at our Mom’s nursing home.
  • Eagle Laser finishing my ceramic coaster order showing Beth & Julie’s names in California sand illuminated by the sun setting in the Pacific. Beth & Julie got their four. Thanks, Denham Shupe.
  • A Rosenblum Zinfandel being on sale. It’s a family favorite.
  • Buying a framed banner showing the six Phillies’ “Ps” logos as a killer gift for Beth and Julie.
  • Jeanne Rapp’s new book called They Conquer Who Endure arriving at her store, Brandywine Flags on December 24. This book has a section written by me. Jeanne alerted me in the morning, and Beth drove me to her store to get copies. I am deeply pleased with the work Jeanne did. Question: how do I show this book to folks without seeming boastful?
  • Seeing a man at church looking a bit like my late Dad bringing tears and tender memories of the most influential man in my life.
  • Meeting a man buying a Christmas tree for his kid’s friends who didn’t have one at their home.
  • Cousin, Steve Mascherino bringing me a six decade old, Kodak Christmas card my Father sent to his Mom. The photo depicted me, a sister and two brothers sitting on a Valley Forge park cannon. He delivered it to me on December 22 – my Dad’s birthday. It was like getting a card from Dad. You can read more on this event in the following blog.
  • My bosses, Tommy & Mary Trego sailing off on a long deserved ocean cruise.
  • My wife, Lyn cooking banquet meals during Beth & Julie’s visit. She put in a bunch of kitchen time all with an aura of pleasure. I made this my most revealing point because I was struck by how completely she offered to care for her family. This is the visual proof of the love a Mother or wife has but goes unnoticed and rarely lauded.

Sure, there were gifts and many of the other usual things of Christmas, but somehow this year had more great moments.

Or have I evolved enough to see more of them?

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