Christmas memories started early this year.

My work day today was its normal normal. Wednesdays are restocking days, and I was running in the aisles slapping stuff on shelves and hooks. This Christmas had jelled well. Presents were all bought and most were wrapped. My daughter and her partner were coming home today. It was as good a time to expect to experience a golden memory.

It came with my cousin, Steve Mascherino who caught up with me in the plumbing aisle. His words were along the lines of, “I think this is regifting.” With that, he handed me a yellowed, old fashioned Kodak Christmas card he found in his late Mother’s belongings. It bought back memories of many Christmases ago.

The card consisting of a black and white snapshot sharing space with a printed greeting set inside ragged edges. They were reallyhot stuff in the early 50s.

The picture was of me, two brothers and one sister sitting on a cannon in Valley Forge National Park. A hint of irony was we were wearing our Easter finery in this Yuletide greeting. It was one of those shots where each subject seemed oblivious to the presence of the others.

Dad loved to put his kids in photos shoots, and he did it often. I don’t recall how thrilled we were with this, but we did it anyway. The cannon picture became our family’s frozen moment in time for all time.

I appreciated the kindness my cousin showed by delivering this lost treasure. The magic of the moment hadn’t fully struck me until I remembered something remarkable about the timing of his regift. This day was December 22 and my Dad’s birthday. To me, it was my Dad sending me a Christmas card years after his death.

It’s been a good Christmas already.

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