“How do you acquire this knowledge?”

The title is a quote by Redneck humorist, Jeff Foxworthy when told about how Jello would return to its liquid state if warmed in the microwave.

I’ve been playing Scrabble with my family¬†using Words with Friends* now that we are addicted to this web game. My daughter, Beth played the word UNITES for a nice total. I reached back to my many days in the concrete business and recalled the word GUNITES – a type of concrete. When I placed the G on top of her word, she asked me to use it in a sentence which I did. This took some of the wind out of my exceptionally competitive daughter’s sails. Not much but some.

This made me think that at all life’s junctures there are learning opportunities. Now aged 65, I think I’ve picked up a few tidbits along the journey.

Before I went on a walk today, my neighbor, Marion complained to me about her inability to get and stay warm. I told her I learned in the Army to cover my head, hands and feet to fend off that “cold to the bone” feeling.

Later I remember when it was in my Army days I learned this tidbit. It was during my jungle training as I was preparing to go to Vietnam where the weather gets hot only twice a year: once for five months and again for seven months.

The Army took considerable time, expense and energy to teach me something I would find useful 44 years later.

I guess this is how we learn as we go.

* http://newtoyinc.com/wp/

Note: I had a Weyerbacher Hope Fusion IPA during the writing of this blog. Thanks, Beth & Julie.

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