One year…

…until I need to change the name of this blog site.

I’ll be 66 then and eligible for Social Security’s full benefits. My plan is ┬áto continue to work at the mens’ toy store called Maxwell’s Hardware for as long as I can providing they’ll let me, and I can still cut it.

I’ll mark the conclusion of this past year with a newly renovated kitchen. I am rapidly – okay that’s not quite right – reaching the point where there are no rooms left to redo. Then the house will be in order and will provide comfort past the point I’m unable to do these projects. That was the goal when I started the work. It’s a grand plan coming together.

To recap: I started this blog after my son, Adam created it for me. He knew I wanted to write more, and it worked. I try to blog when something inside me bubbles and needs to be recorded. Today is a good example. I wanted to mark the occasion of the one year to go point with an update for whomever reads these offerings.

Before I started blogging, I counted the months and years until retirement and amused my co-workers with daily updates. Half way through the blog’s lifespan, my career job disappeared, and I faced an undefined form of retirement. My reentry back into the workforce was stymied by the Great Recession of the late 2000s. Unemployment compensation made it easy to take government money for doing nothing but working on my home. It lasted 99 weeks. I’m grateful to the government for what Italians call a “La Boosta”.

Part time work came from my favorite hardware store. It seems I was there so much, they decided the only way for me to spend more time was to actually work there. Two benefits I didn’t know about were how much fun it is to work there and how amazingly nice the people who own it are.

I’m in a good place with one year to go on the countdown and to quote one of my favorite songs, “I can see clearly now.”*


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