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Recently, Home Depot and Lowe’s have changed their everyday 10% Veteran discount criteria. Where once it was offered to all Veterans, it is now limited to active duty, retired and disabled ones only. The Veteran must continue to provide proof of Veteran status and a photo ID at the point of purchase.

Veterans who no long qualify for the discount will receive it on patriotic holidays: Independence Day, Veterans Day, etc.

This discount from these two home improvement giants was a good thing while it lasted. Rather than rail about the unfairness of these new changes, I’ll simply salute them for doing it for as long as they did and continuing it in some way.

When I made purchases recently at Home Depot and Lowe’s, I provided my VFW card with a drivers license as proof and received the discount. The cashiers were good sources of information about what has happened. Home Depot sent a memo outlining the millions of dollars in discount and suspected frauds. This is short sighted. All traffic is good traffic.

The Lowe’s cashier asked me where I got my card, and I explained it was proof of VFW membership. I told her I also had a VA card and one from the Vietnam Veterans of America for backup. She said other self-proclaimed Veterans have complained to her about not knowing how get such documents.

This started me thinking.

I imagined the Veterans without such documentations are the same ones who steadfastly refuse to join Veteran associations. The scene in my head was some¬†buffoon¬†making life tough for the poor cashiers because he deems it unnecessary to be a part of the Veteran community. I know these Veterans exists because I meet about one for every hundred other ones. They act entitled to what they want but are unwilling to bother to do the needed work. “Just give me my damned discount.” is their message. I also have heard their pleas of disrespect for their Veteran status. The message I get from them is “Me, Me, Me.”

To keep it simple: Home Depot and Lowe’s have changed the rules, and if we Veterans want to score the 10% discount, let’s do the work by joining VVA, VFW or American Legion.

Then take your shiny new card to Home Depot and Lowe’s on the few patriotic holidays when the 10% discount is open to all Veterans and get your 10% off. My guess is you even find some unexpected benefits from your membership.

After decades of complaining from the outside, it’s always a good time to jump in and help out. If you’re still going to whine about things, maybe you better hold off a bit longer.

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