Introducing the Masch Ombrelloni Vino Crawl


Your Host, Anthony “Masch” Mascherino, Sr.

Most Americans searching for the ultimate wine experience fail to find it on traditional Italian vineyard tours. Avoid this classic mistake and study at the feet of an industry giant.

On the Masch Ombrelloni Vino Crawl, you will be guided on the wine tour of a lifetime by one of the industry’s most respected guides: Anthony Mascherino, Sr.

Known in America and Italy simply as Masch, your congenial host has extensive skills doing umbrelloni wine crawls. Although Masch is not yet bilingual, he always gets the wine to flow your way.

On your quest for wine enlightenment, you and a select few will follow Masch on the search for umbrellonis at wine bars, snack bars and side street restaurants. It is here where you will sample the finest local products sold to vendors at their peaks.

This creative tour disstains bumpy bus rides followed by boring vineyard lectures and goes straight to sipping the finished products. Your Euros are spent only on the enjoyment of the wine craftsman’s products and also directly supports the local wine industry.

Your tour includes the eternal city: Rome; a world class sea resorts: Positano; and charming Abruzzo towns: Teramo and Torino Nouva. On these tours, you won’t be slowed down by snooty analasis of wine differences. Masch teaches his historical “Tutto bon” principle: It’s all good; there is no bad wine.

Add important new wine skills:

  1. Be able to order wine like a native: house red wine = vino rosso la casa
  2. Learn what an ombrelloni is – oversized sidewalk umbrellas.
  3. Learn to pronounce ombrelloni. Sorry, you must take the tour to get it right.
  4. Hone an instinct for spotting them everywhere you roam.
  5. Develop a flashing desire for wine with an ombrelloni sighting.

The final cost of this tour is augmented by Masch’s magical speed at picking up checks.

To book your special Masch Ombrelloni Vino Crawl, contact us at or just sit under an ombrelloni until Masch shows up. Note: this will happen.

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