Italian or American?

It’s fairly simple to indentify Americans from Italians. Americans wear good looking jeans and so-so footwear. With Italians, it’s the opposite.

When I went looking for English speaking people in Italy, I’d listen to how they talked. If it didn’t sound like music, they were Americans or Germans.

My choice for the most mellifluous word in English is elbow. Say it by caressing each letter and maybe you’ll hear its beauty: el b o w.

It is far surpass by the Italian word for “Pleasure to meet you”: piacere. Properly said it is “pyah-CHAYR-ay. It just rising from the lips and sounds so smooth. I used it endlessly when I was in Italy. When I got it right, it made for good moments.

When I grew frustrated while learning to pronounce Chinese, my son, Adam told me to listen to the music when I heard a Chinese phrase. I now know more about what he was saying. We English speakers use a flat and monotonous tone when we speak English and when we try to learn other language, it’s a struggle for us to get the “music” when we speak. It’s worth the extra effort

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