Life’s unexpected rewards

My good friend, Julie gave me a gag gift at Christmas: yellow labrador socks. It was meant to be funny, and it was. The running gag is my self-imposed distance from her yellow lab named Stella. It’s not that I hate dogs and cats; it’s I don’t get pet ownership. Rather than try to convince me of my errant ways, Julie just make fun when she can.

I liked the gag gift and decided to do the right thing by wearing them once for her sake.

Packing for Italy, I threw them in the luggage to add a little variety to my wardrobe there. Little did I realize how much they would impact my journey.

When I arrived at my Teramo destination, the home of my second cousin, Maria Pia Mascherini, the iron gates to her drive way opened, and I was greeted by her yellow lab named Dylan. I began to wonder if this is just how my life is; a yellow lab waiting for me wherever I go.

I told Maria Pia about Julie’s Dylan look alike in New York City named Stella and even went so far to show her Stella’s Twitter page, Stellathedognyc.  Smiling laughs all around.

One day, I decided to wear the yellow lab socks. Maria Pia bolted straight back and then pressed the picture of the dog on the socks saying “Dilll onnnn”. Now she wanted in on the gag.

We walked to her sister and brother-in-law’s house next door. After the usual kissing greeting (both cheeks, first right, then left), Maria Pia started pointing to my socks. The older couple laughed and said, “Dilll onnnn”. It turns out the pet really belongs to their daughter, and Maria Pia cares for it.

It is just strange how the simplest gesture can make such an unexpected impact.

The downside is now my Italian cousins think I’m one of those “pet goofy” people I write about.

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