Dim sum and then some

Today was my yearly trip to UPenn’s memory center. I go through a series of test both mental and physical. I’m doing this work to create benchmarks in my life to satisfy the curiosity of the people doing the Alzheimer’s research. After this abuse, I’ll treat myself to a lunch in Philly’s Chinatown.

My goal was to walk the 30 blocks to a restaurant Moe and Sandy Green prefer. I wanted to eat there and then let them know I did so. At about the 29 block milestone, I had no choice but to go into another restaurant to use their mens room. I made the decision to eat there in exchange for the kindnesses shown me.

It’s called Ocean Harbor http://www.yelp.com/biz/ocean-harbor-philadelphia#hrid:S-MrLVQVsuOf6mZ1nIE4gg and it’s a scant 1/2 block from my usual dim sum mecca: Rising Phoenix. This change of events put me into a new experience which is where I often like to be.

As I stood in the queue area waiting, I noticed there were no other Westerners. The fact I was there made no ripple in the large open room. I also saw what I like to see at dim sum restaurants: ladies wearing white aprons pushing stainless carts filled with “little treats”. I was starting to feel this my serendipitous choice had the makingof a good thing.

As I ate myself into a dim sum zone, I noticed a trend. All of the tables with new diners were first visited by the same server who started me out. Then she was followed by the other waitresses in the same order I experienced. I wondered if the house had a rigid plan on the order of service.

I noticed more savvy diners didn’t wait for the servers to visit them. They’d raise themselves from their chairs and make beckoning gestures to the servers they wanted. They had a way to bypass the preset order of services.

If you find yourself in Philly’s Chinatown and want an experience equalling Hong Kong’s dim sum, go to the Ocean Harbor. It touches all my bases for dim sum.

Cost this day with tip = $28.00 and worth it.

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