Generation gap 2010

My daughter, Beth enjoys watching Philly sports teams. It hard for her to do so while living in New York City where the sports are NYC-centric. She found a high tech way to have it all. It’s called Slingbox, and it is very cool.

Slingbox requires their unit, internet and cable TV. After a modest installation event, she is now able to sit in her Manhattan apartment and watch our local hereos on her laptop. For that matter, she can do so anywhere she has a computer with an internet signal.

Small tweeking is needed from time to time. The Slingbox sensor will move off target and require correction. Lately, she has had a new gremlin to battle.

It seems the remote control changing our VIOS cable box is also changing her Slingbox VIOS cable box. She can change it back from where she is, but I can also inadvertently change it yet again.

She emailed us to set a better barrier in front of her sensor to avoid battling remotes. She told her Mom she knows it’s me because the channel changing lands her on FoxNews. She also said who else but Dad watchs that channel.

Say what? FoxNews is the ratings leader among the cable TV news channels. While I agree it may be only somewhat “fair”, it is not “balanced”. It decidely conservative. It stands alone amidst the other, liberal news channels who find amusement in baying at FoxNews’ haunches. Spend ten minutes listening to Keith Olbermann’s nightly show, and you’ll hear a lot of FoxNews bashing. It reveals his fears and frustrations.

But back to me.

What my daughter, Beth – and probably my son, Adam – don’t give me credit for is watching about as much MSNBC as FoxNews. I favor the Morning Joe* show and as you just read, I also watch Olbermann because he is a brilliant writer. I try not to be one of those who denigrate someone for everything they do just because I either disagree with them or what they say makes me uncomfortable.

Final thought: to be label a conservative doesn’t bother me because it is more accurate than calling me a liberal. Like most Americans, I’ll view each issue differently, but I am embarrassed to write I often view with suspicion those championed by people I don’t like. There are folks on both sides of the political line who fall into this category, i.e., O’Reilly, Limbaugh and Beck.

* Joe Scarbourgh is not a liberal, but his show is peopled by mostly liberal co-hosts and guests.  He’ll be jettisoned as quickly as the NBC higher ups can justify it. Just like Bill Kristol at the NY Times.

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One Response to “Generation gap 2010”

  1. Jim D. Says:

    Hi John
    Disagree on Fox, Fair & Balanced much more then any news org. whether radio or TV, or newspaper. Screamin Libs are Ellis Hennigan, Bob Beckel, Geraldo Rivera, Juan Williams and those are off the top of my head.
    Many others on Fox Financhial as well! Tea Party members want small government, Fairer and less complicated Fed. Tax, personnal responsibility, and The Constitution is NOT A LIVING DOCUMENT! Strong National Defense,
    Legal Immigration is GREAT! Illegal Immigration is NOT! Secure The Border! No amnesty for illegal immigrants! If you agree with most of these ideals welcome to the tea party movement, not a third party movement!
    If you disagree That’s OK too, just don’t call me
    rascist, nazi, homophobic, jack booted thug! Which seems to be the modus operandi of those who do disagree! God Bless, Like Your Columns and Semper Fi! Jim D.

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