Computers in my life

For me, it all started in 1985.

To multiply my work output, the company bought a KayPro 16E computer. This early manufacturer had the humor to call it “portable” at forty pounds. Also heavy was its price tag: $5,500.  Personal computers were all the rage then. I reasoned I would save gobs of time by computerizing the office functions. This did eventually happen, but it took massive prep work. Spending hours to save seconds is for programmers not power users. I’ve learned a valuable lesson about time and computers: there must be balance and a payoff.

Twenty five years later, I still fight the cost/benefit battle. Now instead of running my office functions by computer, I blog, tweet and Facebook with one holdover from days of olde: writing a monthly newsletter for my Veteran chapter.

I feel qualified to comment on the state of  computers in today’s era.

Blogging can be described as serious writing that takes itself too seriously. I’ve know only a few people read these blogs. This means this exercise is mostly for me. It helps keeme sharpen my writing skills while marking the passage of time. Anyone can blog, and if it falls flat, it can be deleted with no harm done.

Facebook is the current top dog in social networking. Being on Facebook allows me time with friends who are no where else. It is here where I can say whatever I like. Then anyone can respond right away and then I can respond, and on and on and on. I don’t do things like “Mafia Wars” but many do. It’s that time thing again.

Twitter fits my style better than Facebook. I can tweet what I want to the Tworld as long as I can keep it within 140 keystrokes. My followers can respond, but it’ll be a page away from the original tweet so it’s not as cluttered. The space limitation is an excellent writing discipline. Soon enough everything I write will fade into some electronic trash heap not to be seen again. One other plus is I can follow famous people like Bill Gates, Tonic So Fa and the still alive Abe Vigoda.

Email is the oldest of the social messaging services. It began as a business communications, but it quickly became an essential part of home computing. We communicated electronically to create a trail and to also get in and out fast. It seems to save time and allow us to get messages to scores of people at once. However, email has fallen on hard times. It’s not used as much as before. New and hipper toys like Instant Messaging are preferred by younger folks who seem to be forever using them.

I am glad I have lived this long and been able to see how computers now serve mankind. The best part of where we are now is computers are so flexible we can mold them to fit our lives. Using computer and their offspring devices to enhance our lives is decidedly personal. I’m sure you’ve found yours by now.

If you’re like my son, Adam you’re always ahead of the curve.

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